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Dear Successful Friend:

     “Just one idea can change your life,” said legendary motivator Earl Nightingale.

     And that idea changed my life!

     I’ll never forget hearing those life-changing words more than 30 years ago. I was a young man, driving a beat-up Chevy Nova and listening to Earl talk about success on a tape cassette playing in my car.

     As Earl spoke, it dawned on me that despite all my years of schooling, no one had ever taught me the most important secrets of success! Though I have no idea why, they just don’t teach those principles in school!

     Earl’s words, and especially the notion that “Just one idea can change your life,” inspired me to start collecting and applying the best secrets of success I could find—ideas that could change my life for the better.

     In the years since, the secrets I found have brought me more blessings than I could have ever imagined, including complete financial independence and the opportunity to retire while my wonderful wife Pauline and I are still young and healthy enough to travel the world and enjoy its abundance.

     Now I invite you to share in this inheritance of abundance. These days, in my retirement, my hobby is to “pay back” by sharing the best secrets of success I have ever come across ... as well as new ones I still love to find.

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Success Bullets e-zine

and receive this free report:
"12 Life-Changing Quotations"


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    Sharing them with you in my free Success Bullets e-zine is both a pleasure and my responsibility, born of gratitude for the many blessings they have made possible for me and all who apply them.

     I appreciate the privilege of sharing them with you, and I hope that you in turn will share them with others, especially those you love, for there are few gifts more precious than the secrets of high achievement.

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Your Free Report—“12 Life-Changing Quotations”

     One of the most important success lessons I ever learned is to capture and cherish great success quotations. I would like to give you my 12 all-time favorites.

     Of course, to the mass of humanity, any quotation engenders about as much reverence as an amusing quip from a fortune cookie. But such is the way of the world—most people walk right past the diamonds at their feet.

     But to a connoisseur of success, such as I hope you are, a great quotation is a prized collectible, a treasure to be coveted and hoarded more jealously than gold.

     A great success quotation is to your mind what a tiny, high-powered chip is to your computer—small but engineered to unleash enormous power within you to be more creative, productive, motivated, persistent, successful in every way!

     A great success quotation can contain in one sentence more wisdom than a ten-foot shelf of books. It can inspire you with more ability and motivation to improve your life than a four-year college course. It can instantly put you on the road to a lifetime of spectacular success if you adopt it as one of your core principles, especially if you review it regularly as part of your personal “mission statement.”

     Remarkably, it can do all these things for you in a matter of seconds! A great success quotation is the fastest, most powerful, and potentially the most life-changing educational tool I have ever discovered, a tiny, atom-splitting nuclear reactor of self-improvement.

     This is especially true of what you’ll find in your free report, “12 Life-
Changing Quotations.”

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Success Bullets e-zine

and receive this free report:
"12 Life-Changing Quotations"


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     My favorite, best-of-the-best success quotations have changed my life and the lives of thousands of others who have been wise enough to heed them. I believe with all my heart that they will do the same for you if you adopt them and review them regularly.

     They include quotations from some of the most successful and accomplished people on earth, and they reveal such gems as ...
  • Perhaps the most reliable success secret of all.

  • The easiest way to conquer procrastination and get so much more accomplished every day of your life.

  •  How to be more optimistic—and radiate an infectious spirit of optimism—in everything you do.

  •  The best way to keep worry and insecurity at bay when you’re striving for a big goal, starting a new business, taking a new job ... any challenge that may cause you to feel anxious.

  • The 11-word sentence that will keep you from making the biggest mistake people commit when going into a partnership or joint venture with someone else. Believe me, this one will save you untold grief and give you a very reliable advance warning when a deal is not going to work out well for you.

  • The three words that the brilliant Robert Frost said could sum up everything he’s learned about life. How these three words can have an incalculable impact on your own life and happiness. Profound wisdom in just three short words! And they will be especially valuable to you after you become highly successful.

  • How to experience enhanced joy in your work and excel at it beyond anything you’re experiencing now.

  • The #1 secret for getting people to like you instantly and having exceptional ability to influence almost anyone you meet.

  • A surefire formula for outrageous success in any business, profession, freelance career or consulting practice.

  • The easiest way to develop any positive quality you desire—courage, popularity, creativity, persuasiveness, determination, masterful salesmanship, anything.

  • How to feel comfortable taking a little more risk in exchange for much larger rewards in life.

  • The #1 rule to remember if you want to be a successful parent.

  • The two best pieces of investment advice I ever heard. No matter how much or how little money you’re making now, these two simple sentences will virtually assure your complete financial independence and security.

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     Gary Bencivenga

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